FutureQuals Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Driving


3 weeks (197 Guided Learning Hours)


The Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance driving course is the nationally recognised training programme which allows drivers to drive an ambulance vehicle under blue light emergency conditions. Candidates can only attend once they have attained their Level 2 Award in Ambulance Driving or equivalent.  The programme focuses on the advanced driving techniques required to operate an ambulance safely whilst on an emergency call. It will enable the candidate to identify the exemptions they are able to claim under the Road Traffic Act and highlights their responsibilities to other road users.

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Course Content

The system of vehicle control Vehicles transmission system   |  Overtaking   | Night driving | Emergency Reponses Situations |  Exemptions |  Manage 

confrontational behaviour   |  Navigate whilst responding to emergencies


All successful attendees will receive a Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving recognised by all NHS trusts and Independent ambulance services, and take the first step on their road to a career in the Emergency Services.

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